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What is resurfacing & reglazing?
Resurfacing (reglazing,refinishing, refacing) is a proven method of renovating bathtubs, tile, sinks and countertops that has been around for 40 years. It involves spraying industrial strength, durable coatings. For years, it has been the well kept secret of professional designers, disaster restoration, home renovation pros, and hotel managers. But now, with the popularity of home improvement programs on TV, the residential homeowner has discovered the low cost, professional alternative to replacement.

Resurfacing bathtubs and tile offers you typical savings of 60-70% over the cost of replacement. If your bathtub is worn or damaged, you can't just pop it out of the wall and drop in a new one. Most tubs have a lip that runs the length of the tub where the tile and tub meet. The tile is laid over this lip to prevent water from getting behind the tile. Also the tub fits so snugly in its place that several rows of tile must be removed just to get it loose. If the tub is cast iron, it may need to be broken up with a sledge hammer just to make the pieces light and small enough to get out of the bathroom. The services of a plumber and tiler are usually necessary to reinstall the new tub, so this seemingly simple project can end up costing thousands and take weeks to complete. Call now for a free estimate!

95% of the bathtubs we've encountered have been good candidates for refinishing. Most tubs have been worn down from years of cleaning using powdered cleansers and scouring pads. While we were all raised using these cleansers, they were never a good idea for porcelain or enameled tubs. Repeated use causes the bathtub finish to become rough and porous, allowing soap and dirt to stick to it, making it even harder to get clean.

Your freshly refinished tub will be smooth and non-porous. Cleaning is easy with a mild cleanser and soft cloth. Powders and acidic cleaners should not be used, and will not be necessary as long as the tub is cleaned regularly. With regular care, resurfacing can add up to 15 years of life to a bathtub, and the process can be repeated as often as you like!

Absolute Tub & Tile Restoration LLC is a top Tampa bathtub refinishing company that offers a variety of excellent services for any of your needs. We take pride in our fantastic craftsmanship.

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A Tampa Bathtub Refinishing Service Professional will Save You from Frustration and Overspending.

Bathtub refinishing is also referred to as bathtub painting or reglazing. At Tampa Absolute Tub & Tile Restoration LLC our team employs practical techniques for bath refinishing. We promise quality Tampa results for cast iron, fiberglass, and porcelain tubs. Whether you need bathtub reglazing for your own comfort or you need a Tampa tub refinishing service in order to prepare your property for sale or rent, you can rely on us. If you want pristine bathroom refinishing, it is important to hire a knowledgeable Tampa bathtub repair company. The majority of people don’t understand the precise stages involved in resurfacing bathtub damages. A Tampa Bathtub Refinishing Service Project is Better than a New Bathtub.
Tampa tub repair is less expensive than purchasing a new tub. You might imagine it is easier to simply replace your bathtub instead of bringing in bathtub refinishers.

As you plan to upgrade your bath, consider the price beyond a new tub.

There are destruction and removal costs, contractor fees, debris disposal fees, and the cost to hire a plumber and tile layer. The many elements factored into “simply” buying a bathtub rather than hiring a qualified Tampa rebath specialist will compound your cost significantly. Do-it-yourself efforts result in a rough, uneven surface almost every time. Enjoy the Convenience of On-Site Services.
Our talented team and state-of-the-art equipment make it possible to handle your tub reglazing on-site for your convenience. Because of us, you will be able to avoid removal fees or having to lug your tub somewhere.

As we will be working on your private property, we are careful to keep the work area clean.

Tampa residents call on us to manage their exciting bath improvements.
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